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A future Android mobile version would be incredible if possible.

I do know we have VizRef for iOS thanks to your Twitter (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/vizref/id1482680568)
We would like to offer support for both iOS and Android and we're looking into how to do that but it is a pretty big task and there's a lot of problems to solve so we can't promise anything yet. But keep an eye out for updates!

Thanks for letting us know this is something you would like to have.
I'd like to put some weight behind this.
I've just used your handy export feature to stick all my refs onto google drive ready for a PC free holiday where I'll still be sketching from the Android Tablet.
Being able to export to the tablet or read the pur files from a viewer on there would be very useful to me.
Shared the same need for an Android app, so I wrote my own.


It doesn't have feature parity or stability, but I'm already finding it pretty useful. I could put it up on Google Play in the future, if anyone cares.
Hey. I'd be very interested in it if you put it on google play, as want to have something to readily add reference material to a board, on the fly with my phone's camera. Am installing your github version now.
Hey everyone ! Finally, I found an app like vizref on the Play Store named RefCanvas

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