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Sticky Guide to giving suggestions

by PureRef
3,489 0 03/23/2014 12:02AM
Last Post by PureRef

Make 'Normalize Height' followed by 'Arrange By Addition' an alternative to Pack Optimal

by RolandR
8 0 09/25/2021 07:33PM
Last Post by RolandR

Option to disable 'Rotation Handles' on the transform gizmo

by RolandR
13 0 09/25/2021 07:24PM
Last Post by RolandR

Task Checkbox option

by Swaaap2324
12 0 09/23/2021 03:45PM
Last Post by Swaaap2324

Support gifs

by kelly
283 2 09/23/2021 03:41PM
Last Post by Swaaap2324

It will be even much Purer if it will be able to sit in the system tray!

by nick_gist
404 2 09/19/2021 02:59PM
Last Post by pinley

Minimize to System Tray

by HideOnFluff
135 1 09/19/2021 02:57PM
Last Post by pinley

Window Mode Option

by tc8
344 2 09/17/2021 08:54AM
Last Post by BigBone


by Dornisaurio
802 4 09/14/2021 12:52PM
Last Post by baoliwanzi

Draw notes over images

by Gleb_K
5,142 21 09/13/2021 07:40PM
Last Post by koguister

Present Workstation

by vincilios
47 0 09/06/2021 11:07PM
Last Post by vincilios

File ref info by RMB

by gbennem
58 0 08/24/2021 12:21PM
Last Post by gbennem

Shortcut / Link

by gbennem
67 0 08/24/2021 12:16PM
Last Post by gbennem

Pen Tablets

by AniLince3D
124 0 07/27/2021 05:25PM
Last Post by AniLince3D

Suggestion - Gifs and Video format

by iceburn91
137 0 07/27/2021 01:30PM
Last Post by iceburn91

When scroll wheel clicking (moving), automatic change cursor to the opposite side of the screen when it reaches the edge

by Para
100 0 07/23/2021 11:55AM
Last Post by Para

[Implemented] Make Arrange;Optimal (ctrl+p) match the shape of the window.

by Nick A
1,420 6 07/17/2021 02:19PM
Last Post by mtojay

File Size and option to add hand written notes

by Akishaqs
125 0 07/15/2021 09:32PM
Last Post by Akishaqs

Animated GIF

by PyXyL
2,496 8 07/15/2021 04:41PM
Last Post by raldone01

Change the font

by deepblueday
122 0 07/15/2021 06:26AM
Last Post by deepblueday

Option for dynamic loading of online images, instead of embedding

by Bassem
105 0 07/02/2021 03:55PM
Last Post by Bassem

Make it possible to SEARCH notes (CTRL+S)

by Rosalhymn
179 1 07/02/2021 03:48PM
Last Post by Bassem

Load automatically all files from folder

by Briswal
315 5 07/02/2021 01:02PM
Last Post by d_101

Option to export to jpg instead of png

by gadgetwk
1,805 5 06/23/2021 10:59PM
Last Post by shermanCG

Downscale images within the canvas for optimization

by sarcentrollo
3,907 3 06/18/2021 02:55PM
Last Post by fforw

PDF support

by LuisB
1,867 7 06/17/2021 03:55AM
Last Post by adam@HH

A way to switch images back to not being embedded in the save file

by JackdawAviary
141 0 06/16/2021 12:03PM
Last Post by JackdawAviary

StickiNotes or Multileader for Commenting

133 0 06/07/2021 07:32PM
Last Post by KIKLAMA

Backdrop behind text or/and image

by CHris22
142 0 06/04/2021 11:38PM
Last Post by CHris22

ipad and online

by sebastienlevieux
744 2 06/02/2021 05:09AM
Last Post by creator2020

[Implemented] Slideshow feature

by inkBot
2,242 15 05/25/2021 10:54AM
Last Post by Rosalhymn