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Can I use PureRef on macOS or Linux?

macOS: PureRef works on macOS 10.14 and newer versions (PureRef 1.11 also supports macOS 10.12). We made the choice to limit support for older versions mainly because PureRef uses the Qt framework and to stay up to date with that we have to follow their minimum requirements.

Linux: PureRef is verified to work on Ubuntu 16.04+ and CentOS 7, but should work on other distributions. GNOME and KDE are the DE's verified to have support for all features. Some DE's do not support transparency and some will insist on adding a frame to the window. If you are having these issues with your specific DE you are free to contact us and we will see what we can do but we can't promise we will add support for every distribution and DE.
How do I move the PureRef window?
PureRef 2.0 introduces a title bar that shows when the mouse is hovered over the top of the window that can be used to move the PureRef, its behavior can be configured under Settings > Appearance > Titlebar visibility.

Additionally, on Windows, right click and drag anywhere in the PureRef window. On Mac with a mouse, hold down the Control button, then click and drag anywhere in the PureRef window. On Mac with a trackpad, hold down two fingers, then click and drag anywhere in the PureRef window.
I would like to use PureRef commercially, do I need a license?
Starting with PureRef 2.0 a license per seat is required for commercial use, see the license agreement for more details and the download page for pricing.

The license for PureRef 1.x remains unchanged and can be used for both commercial and non-commercial use, read more here.
What image formats does PureRef support?
PureRef supports most common image formats so even if your format is not listed here PureRef might still support it, give it a try!

Supported image formats in PureRef 2:
Can I open multiple instances of PureRef in macOS?
In PureRef 2.0 and later you can use the right click menu option 'Window' -> 'New window' to open a new instance of PureRef.

For earlier versions you can only do it through the terminal by typing in: open -n -a "PureRef".
I maximized my window and can't resize it again. Minimize just collapses it to the taskbar. What do I do?
Maximize is a toggle, press CTRL + F (CMD + F) again or toggle it in the right click menu under Window -> Maximize.
What is the privacy policy around the images I keep in PureRef? Are my images stored online?
No data about your images(or the images themselves) are sent to or stored online. They are only stored locally on your machine. Any data we store is mentioned in our privacy policy, and if this would at some point change, the privacy policy would be updated and you would need to actively consent to this.
Is PureRef open source / do you have plans to make PureRef open source?
No, there are currently no plans to make PureRef open source.
What is PureRef made with?
PureRef is written in C++ and uses the framework Qt, as can be seen in the about section in PureRef.
How do I use PureRef?
Check out the handbook!


Please take a look in the FAQ, handbook and forums before you ask a technical question, chances are that it has already been answered. For all other questions or feedback, or if you just want to say hello; don't hesitate to contact us!