Version: 1.11


Learn which tools are available and how to best utilize them across all your projects.

Always on top

Mode > Always on top

#pin #above #front

When enabled, the PureRef window will always stay on top of all other windows. Great for saving screen space!

On Windows, this mode can also be disabled by clicking the small context button by hovering the PureRef icon in the taskbar.


Try Always On Top together with Transparent to mouse!

Always on bottom

Mode > Always on bottom

#behind #below #under

When enabled, the PureRef window will stay below every other window.


Maximize the window and use PureRef like an interactable wallpaper.

Lock window

Window > Lock window


Locks the PureRef window in place so it cannot be accidentally moved.

Transparent to mouse

Mode > Transparent to mouse

#invisible #click-through

Click through PureRef, for tracing or matching pixel perfect designs. To exit this mode, make sure PureRef has focus by clicking on it in the taskbar/dock before using the shortcut.

On Windows, this mode can also be disabled by clicking the small context button by hovering the PureRef icon in the taskbar.

Overlay mode

Mode > Overlay selection


PureRef will give every image its own window which you can move around. The background will be gone and all you will see are floating images.

On Windows, this mode can be disabled by clicking the small context button by hovering the PureRef icon in the taskbar.



#text #tool #annotation

Creates a note for writing text. Move, rotate and resize like images.

Attach/parent note to image/note

Paste or create a new note while another image or note is already selected to parent it.

Change text color

While editing a note, click the top T button to change text color and opacity.

Change background color

While editing a note, click the bottom T button to change the background color and opacity of the note.


Add a text note as the title of a group of images to categorize them.


• Select all text on note edit - Set whether double clicking on a note selects all text or only enters edit mode.

• Finish note with Enter - Set whether Enter inserts a new line or finishes note editing.



Slideshow focuses on an image in the selection for 10s (can be changed in settings) before automatically moving on to the next in line. To exit slideshow mode, toggle the shortcut or interact with the scene.


• Slideshow interval - Adjust how long every image is shown in a slideshow.


Canvas > Grayscale

#greyscale #monochrome #desaturate #black & white

Turns everything on the canvas into grayscale.

Grayscale per image

Images > Selection > Toggle grayscale


Makes the selected images grayscale.

Toggle bilinear sampling

Images > Selection > Toggle bilinear sampling


Switch pixel interpolation of selected images between nearest neighbour and bilinear filtering. In less technical terms, preserves pixel sharpness.


Great for pixel art!A happy pixel art shiba inu dog.

Show color code

#eyedropper #colorpicker #picker
Left mouse button S/Left mouse button S

Hold the shortcut buttons anywhere in the PureRef window to pick the color. You can see and copy the RGB and HSV values, or the HEX code. When picking colors from an image inside PureRef the images opacity is ignored.


Pick a color outside of PureRef by starting the color picking inside the window and then moving the cursor outside while still holding the buttons down. This trick works in many other creative applications too!

Show image coordinate

Left mouse button D/Left mouse button D

Get info about the X and Y pixel coordinates in an image. 0, 0 is in the top left corner.

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