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If I copy-paste a text (so I can duplicate it's format - color/background), it's linked to the original (if I move the original text box, it moves all copy-pasted clones) which is driving me crazy.

Any solution to UNLINK those or UNGROUP those?
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When you're adding a note it will become attached to the currently selected image so if you want freely floating notes you can just paste the text while not having anything selected.

We're looking into making this connection easier to understand, until then we hope this helps.
Maybe a setting to disable this behavior?
Sometimes I want to copy-paste a note just for the format and size, later I discover that If I move a group of images + a title note, a lot of other elements (notes) move too and is extremely annoying.

I don't use this feature myself, would help a lot to disable this in the settings. I hope it's not a hard thing to implement.

Thank you!
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