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I have a lot of pureref scene files and they are too large to keep them on my hard drive
so I wonder are there any tips to optimize the pureref scene?
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We're looking into ways to make PureRef retain the compression of the original source image since we currently convert all images to png when they are being saved to the .pur file which in some cases increases the disk space.

If this is your problem you can always select to save local images as references in the settings. This will not embed the images in the actual .pur file which means that you can keep your images separately from the .pur file. The downside with this is that the .pur file becomes less portable and harder to share but if you're the only one using it then it might be a good option anyway.

If you don't care that the images have to be high-res you can also set the setting to downscale images as they are loaded into PureRef. This will cause the .pur to become a lot smaller but at the cost of image quality.
yeah I know about local embedding and auto downscaling options but it doesn't solve the problem in my case.
anyway thank you for the reply.
looking forward to see new updates!

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check out tinypng.com it reduces file size amazingly
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