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I have a pure ref file of nearly 3.2GB. I have been using that file for months. Since it is a large file, it used to take around 3-5min to load up the whole file and for that 3min my laptop used to freeze. The freezing occured because my memory usage shoots up to 11GB immediately when the file is opened and slowly decreases and after 3-5min it stays becomes normal i.e less than 1GB memory usage. This happened everytime but after the file is opened there used to be no problem afterwards. I have a laptop with 16GB of RAM.
The case now is, I hadn't opened the file in around 1month and I opened it yesterday and the file wont open at all. I mean the file is stuck with the loading bar at around 60% and the whole PC is frozen. It used to take 5min before, so I thought maybe it'll open after few more min but even after 30-40min, the file doesnot open at all and I am stuck with a frozen laptop and the only way is to force shut down the laptop. I have tried it multiple times and the same thing happens. The file is the same as I used to use in the past and in the same laptop, and there's very less chance of the file being corrupt IMO, because I havent done anything to it after I last used it.
Hope I can get some help. Please!!! I really need the file to open like before.
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