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I'm a fairly new user of PureRef and I've watched a few tutorial videos but I can see that the crop tool doesn't work for me.
If I hold 'C' and left click and drag on an image it basically just selects the image and lets me move the image around. Most of the time I CAN start dragging from outside the image and hold C but when I let go, nothing happens.... "C" appears to have no effect what the mouse is doing. Only 1 time did I get it to work, soon after I opened it, and then it didn't work again.

What am I doing wrong?

[edit] I ended up having to change the bindings to use the CTRL key (for crop) and CTRL and ALT (for move within crop), I am dragging to scale anyway so I don't mind rebinding CTRL and ALT. But yeh, the regular keys don't seem to work at all for me.

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