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I've been reading the forums and this might be a corrupt issue or a re-link issue. Not sure which, which is why I'm reaching out to hopefully get a more pinpoint diagnosis.

Unfortunately, there wasn't a pure.old saved in the folder that I'd been saving my scene, but the file itself is hundreds of megabytes.

Download link to the file here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qfy9DgiO9QjgxEZUhpwiQCwsr6IrhSB_/view?usp=sharing
We're sorry you're experiencing problems with PureRef. You can force restore the images by running PureRef from the command line with the command line option -b: "PureRef.exe -b /path/to/scene.pur"

Let us know if you can't get it working and we'll try to help you further.

The next version of PureRef will provide these options form within PureRef in a more intuitive way as well as improve the stability of saving to make it less likely that this can happen.
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