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Yesterday I closed the program in a rush and I think I ruined something because today when I try to open the file it detects the border (and the file seems to be of the same size as before) but no images show up.

Is there any way to restore my images? These are images found in a span of months and I will not be able to find all my references ever again since many I just copy-pasted instead of keeping a backup. Sounds stupid now but I had no clue this could happen...

I found another post saying that I could use the command prompt but when I tried typing: C:\Users\claud>"C:\Program Files\PureRef\PureRef.exe" -b D:\3D\viking\images\viking.pur it just opens the file without the images (even though it detects the border of the file). Can somebody please help me? Can I really not get them back?

My file:


this file has also appeared and I don't know what this one is: in case this helps! https://drive.google.com/file/d/14YAsCx--3rpZBk2mGj20357tBbv-vO8A/view?usp=sharing

Solution : https://www.pureref.com/forum/read.php?5,1367

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PureRef tries to create a backup before saving (the .pur.old) since there's always a risk things go wrong while writing big files (That's why its a good idea to always keep a backup or all your important files)

We answered in the other thread as well but for people that find this in the future we'll put it here as well:

As long as you still have the .pur.old file you can just rename that to .pur (remove .old) and you should be able to open it again. We tested it on our side and it seems to work.

We noticed that some of your images are linked and that might cause issues in the current version of PureRef (will be fixed in the next version) so if you still have problems opening the file let us know and we can manually restore the scene.
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