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Hello! I've been using PureRef for years. During the last couple of weeks, I get this message all the time:


I click "Remove" but I keep getting the same message, so I'm forced to create a new save file with a different name, and then again I get the message when it tries to create a new autosave.

Is there any fix? Thanks!
When PureRef saves your scene it first creates a backup file. This file will be removed after the save has finished successfully so if it is still there when you try to save again PureRef warns that you might be about to overwrite a backup from a save that failed. A guess based on the image you uploaded: could it be that when you save into your dropbox folder, the backup file gets uploaded to dropbox, and then when PureRef removes it it gets synced back again? If that is not the case maybe PureRef is not able to remove the backup file for some reason, can you try to remove it manually at the path the message prints?
This "Backup Warning" error appears randomly and for no apparent reason. It's happening very often.
I work on a ZBrsuh scene for a month (for example). My Pureref for this scene is built the first day usually after some iconographic research on the web to help me build my scene.
Everyday is the same : I start the computer, start ZBrush, start Pureref, Load the .pur for my current project. Always the same.
And sometimes Pureref is ok all day long. Sometimes it gives me this error 10 times per hour.
It's really annoying. Only bug I noticed actually. But this one's sticky ;) And I never managed to reproduce it on purpose and I have no idea what's causing it.
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