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I saved my pureref file. and I had to clean my c drive. so i deleted file in user-appdata-local-temp. and after that day, my images in pureref was gone.... no images in my file... it have 200mb size but it dosen't apear.... how can i do?
Sometimes, if PureRef is interrupted while saving, the resulting save can become corrupted. To guard against this PureRef will try to make a backup with the same name as your save but with the file ending .pur.old before starting the new save, this file should still be on disk if the save was forcefully interrupted, can you see such a file on your disk?

If this is not the case PureRef has functionality to forcefully load images from a partially saved scene. You can do this by specifying the command line flag -b: "PureRef.exe -b path/to/your/save.pur"
thanks for answer me. There isn't pur.old file. And I can't understan ///You can do this by specifying the command line flag -b: "PureRef.exe -b path/to/your/save.pur"/// this..!! How can I do that.
Sorry for the slow reply. We assume you're using Windows: Open the start menu and type cmd, start "Command Promt" and drag drop PureRef.exe into it, then type " -b " and then drag drop the broken save file. The result should look something like this:

"C:\Users\User>C:\path\to\PureRef.exe -b C:\path\to\scene.pur"

Then press enter and PureRef should start and try to reopen your broken save.
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