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Hi! I opened my pureref file and all the images arent present in the canvas. I didnt had any crash or issues on my disk, but this thing happened.

I saw from other threads that I can still open the file thru cmd, but it's not working with me. Any chance of more clear instruction on how how to access it thru cmd?

What OS are you using? First, to make sure that the file actually contains your images, could you check the file size of the .pur file? If that is very small chances are that the images failed to save. If it does contain something you can contact us through the support contact form on this web page and we'll try to help you recover the images.
I am experiencing the same issue, the file opens, the loading bar doesnt get green and the border of background is still there but the images are not appearing. I know they are still there cause the file size is 400 MB. One peculiar thing is that I had the same file in a PC at my universty where it opens, I transferred it to my main PC and its not loading the images. The university PC still opens it normally when I transferred the 'corrupt' file to check it. Other PCs that Ive tried do not open it. Here is the file:

It seems like the metadata of your .pur has broken somehow. This could theoretically happen if a save was forcefully aborted or you got out of disk space while saving. Do you know what might have happened?

If it works on one of your computers maybe you can check what version of PureRef you're using and if they are different?

If you want to recover the images you can force load the scene from a command prompt: C:\path\to\PureRef.exe -b D:\path\to\scene.pur
I have the exact problem! How do I use a command prompt and where is that?

"If you want to recover the images you can force load the scene from a command prompt: C:\path\to\PureRef.exe -b D:\path\to\scene.pur"

I'm also linking my file, please help! Months worth of references were in that file, I have no clue what I'm gonna do If I can't get it back! I didn't even save the photos either, I've just been copy-pasting because I didn't think this would happen...


this file has also appeared and I don't know what this one is: in case this helps! https://drive.google.com/file/d/14YAsCx--3rpZBk2mGj20357tBbv-vO8A/view?usp=sharing

EDIT: if I type C:\Users\claud>"C:\Program Files\PureRef\PureRef.exe" -b D:\3D\viking\images\viking.pur it just opens the file without the images (even though it detects the border of the file). Can somebody please help me? Can I really not get them back?

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As long as you still have the .pur.old file you can just rename that to .pur (remove .old) and you should be able to open it again. We tested it on our side and it seems to work.

We noticed that some of your images are linked and that might cause issues in the current version of PureRef (will be fixed in the next version) so if you still have problems opening the file let us know and we can manually restore the scene.
OMG YES! thank you !! I dont see anything missing at least. so there might not be any issues at all!
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