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Greetings all,

I LOVE this program so much, but there's one issue that I can't seem to get around. I would appreciate any help/advice anyone can offer as to a quick workaround.

I just recently took approx. 100 photos using my iPhone (some portrait, some landscape). I copied them over to Windows 10 and when I view them using the Windows photo app, or view them as thumbnails, or open them in Photoshop, etc. - they're always oriented correctly. However, in PureRef, they are all oriented differently: portraits are oriented sideways and landscape images are upside down.

I realize that iPhone landscape images might be upside down initially due to the way I hold the phone and maybe portrait mode is simply disregarded, and I think PureRef is simply loading them as they were encoded. However, all other programs seem to identify the correct orientation and make those adjustments for viewing.

The only solution I've found is to open all of the files in Photoshop and resave them, but this takes time and I'm looking for a quicker workaround. Any ideas?

Thanks for reading.
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Unfortunately, PureRef doesn't read orientation metadata from images currently and since it is so easy to rotate and scale images in PureRef we haven't prioritized adding such functionality yet.

Sounds like just rotating the image with Ctrl+left mouse button (+shift for snapping) in PureRef would be a faster workaround than resaving though!

Hope this helps.
Thanks for the reply. You're right about the time-saving aspect of rotating them in PureRef - If I add them to PureRef in 2 separate groups (portrait and landscape), I can rotate each group to the correct orientation quickly.

Maybe in a future version, PureRef will read the orientation metadata, but if not, I'll not complain. :)

Thanks again for the reply, and the great program!
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We'll definitely keep it in mind and see what we can do for future versions! Glad to hear you find PureRef useful. :)
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