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How does auto arrange by name work?

It seems to jumble them up more.
Is there a way to show the names of the files inside the ap I can quickly arrange them my safe that way.

I will say what I'm doing so you will get the idea of what I'm asking for is generating a large map then cutting it into pieces and I want to be able to see the full map cut into pieces as one image this app can handle 2000+ pieces but cant auto arrange them them in 64 x 64

and I would need them arranged like this

1 | 4 | 7
2 | 5 | 8
3 | 6 | 9

or shows the file names in the app and I can arrange them easy will take time but only have to do it once I guess.
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Currently PureRef will arrange the images alphabetically by the file name they had when added to PureRef. Currently there's no way to change or view the name in PureRef but it is something we will try to add in future versions.
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