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I have tons of images in a PureRef scene and I am trying to save it. I now have been waiting an hour, put my computer in and out of sleep mode, set priority to high and still nothing, still busy with SavingScene. So, I click x (cancel) and now it takes forever to cancel. I do not know why this is taking so long and how to decrease the file size (3.28 GB). I have tons of images and would love to decrease their size if it would help loading and saving. I really have only one question to PureRef:

> Will saving and loading of big PureRef files be improved or are there any plans for this in the future?

I have a suggestion for this:
- Allow to make groups or layers and be able to hide them, then load the scene quickly, and then within the scene: be able to unhide/show the images and load them in then.

- An other option to decrease loading / saving time would be to allow for working on part of the file or being able to combine files into one.

I just would love to work with PureRef in a quick way, the functionality is amazing, but working with tons of images in one file seems to be where the limit of PureRef is. There should be a way to load a scene and then once the scene is loaded decide which images to load in. Also I have the idea that when saving a file PureRef saves everything in the file, instead of saving only the changes.

Can we talk about this developers? Will this program work better with tons of images in the future?
As we wrote in the other thread; you can set a size limit on images in the settings if you want imported images to be downscaled automatically. It is called "Auto downscale large images". Take care though that it doesn't work well at the moment with linked images.

When saving a scene only the new images should take a while to save. If it takes a long time every time you save this sounds like something is wrong, can you give us some details about your setup?. Loading will however always be a bit slow if you have many images.

The performance when having that many images is definitely something we want to improve for future versions of PureRef. As you say, one way of making it better might be to allow you to better control what to load.
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