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Up until now, I've used the option to embed the images directly in the scene. From what I understand, it means the images are saved directly into the PureRef file instead of just being linked through a file path or link.

I want to use the other option now. How can I change how my currently opened scene saves images? And if I link external image links, will it load the image from said link? How does this work exactly? The images that are simply linked aren't saved into the PureRef file, all it does is save the references, right?
Currently there's no way to convert one link-type image to the other unfortunately. You will have to export the images and then recreate the scene with the embed option disabled. When we have released the new version with the relink dialog we might be able to improve that workflow. Remote and clipboard pasted images will always be embedded as it is right now, maybe there should be an option to enable linking of remote images as well.

Linked images will be loaded on startup from their location on disk. PureRef will first try to find them relative to the scene file, if that fails it will try to use the absolute path so it should be easy to move around the images with the scene as long as you keep their relative location the same.
Oh, ok, I didn't know that. So as long as the image files have the same relative path to the PureRef file after you moved them, you can move them around freely without breaking their connection to the scene?
Yes, exactly.
That makes things a lot easier on my end. :) Thanks for letting me know.
Hello PureRef,

does that mean images from a UNC resource from within the LAN are treated as remote files and hence are embedded?

I have disabled the embed option but PureRef project files are getting quite big. Up to now I haven't found a way to link files that are located in my LAN. I should map a driveletter to the UNC path then I assume.

Thank you.
We're not fully sure what PureRef will do in that situation but we'll look into it! Mapping a drive letter should indeed help if you're experiencing issues with it.
Many thanks for replying!
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