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I think i closed the program while the file was still saving and now its corrupt.

Now when i open it the "Loading scene" pops in front of the usual grey background, but loading bar doesn't fill and disappears in a second. And i am left with a blank grey background with no images.

Is there any way to recover this, it has all the references for painting i'm working on. File size is 394 Mb. I would really appreciate any help.
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I figured out the answer from one of the previous posts. Thank you.
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Glad to hear you managed to find a solution to your problem! We'll just add some information to this post for anyone else that might have similar problems:

Sometimes, if PureRef is interrupted while saving, the resulting save can become corrupted. To guard against this PureRef will try to make a backup with the same name as your save but with the file ending .pur.old before starting the new save. This file should still be on disk if the save was forcefully interrupted. If you have such a file just rename it to something ending with .pur and you should be able to open it as normal in PureRef.

If you can't find a backup the second option is to use PureRefs functionality to forcefully load images from a partially saved scene. You can do this by specifying the command line flag -b: "PureRef.exe -b path/to/your/save.pur"
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