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Hi, guys!

I'm trying PureRef for the first time, and i couldnt find how to play a gif. It seens to get stuck on the first image of the animation. Does anyone knows how to do that or if it is possible? Thanks!
We're sorry but PureRef does not support animated images yet, so it will only show the first frame. We will try to implement animated gif support in upcoming versions.
Hi guys I use Pureref all the time at work for my concepting, but we're starting to do particles for our game and a lot of the reference is in fantastic GIFs. It would be super helpful if these worked in PureRef, has there been any progress? Thanks!
There has been some progress but no estimate on when it will be done unfortunately.

Thanks for letting us know that it would be helpful for you!
Hey! I just wanted to bump this topic as I've been using PureRef for a while and it's immensely useful but working as a VFX Particles artist it would be incredibly helpful if we could get animated Gif support. Do you know roughly when you'll be taking a look at this?

If not do you know any other reference board software which has Gif support that I could use to supplement Pure ref as I have not been able to find any?
Thank you for letting us know you need it, the more requests we get the more we will try to prioritise it.

We don't have anything new to report in that area though and unfortunately we don't know of any alternatives that can do this.
Hi! I love your software, I've been using it for a while now.
As an animator, GIF support would be awesome. Have you made any progress on that front?

Thanks a lot, and keep up the stellar work!
I too would like to throw in my two cents. I personally find GIFs to be a wonderful reference, even though I'm not an animator, as they provide a sense of weight and form to the object or person. You really get a better sense of how the person exists in space and how the light affects the scene since it's changing with the motion. I really hope you guys add in the support, even if it's just being able to play one at a time in the program.
Just adding to this thread, I am an concept artist and animated gifs on a reference board will be amazing for the ideation process.
I hope it will be added soon.
I'd also like to vote in favor of animated gifs. It's so difficult to curate gifs currently and viewing multiple shots from a scene/turntable/gesture side by side would be so valuable. Thanks for existing, pureref.
+1 Vote for animated gif support. Any progress on this? Maybe consider making this an open source project and we could contribute on things like this? I could give it a shot if it's ever on github.

Videosupport would be a real bonus also, as a lot of twitter art and such is posted as mp4.

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+1 As Modeler & animator :) Awesome Soft
This software is beyond awesome! I fell in love with it <3
If you guys somehow manage to implement functionality to view gifs, I will marry it.

Animated Gif's would be so amazing
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