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I've recently started using PureRef and I absolutely love it! I'm in the process of carrying over my entire hoard of images into a scene so I can finally get some much needed order among my chaos of reference images.

However, sometimes I have important notes in the filenames themselves, which I would like to carry over into a scene as well. The way I want to do this is by simply adding a note for the filename directly next/over/under the image.

Is there a way for me to find out what the original filename of an image was if I already imported it into a scene? Ideally, I would just like to rightclick the image and select the option to copy that to my clipboard, but I can't see such an option anywhere.

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PureRef does not currently support copying the original path to the clipboard but it does provide an option to open the location on disk. In the right click menu under Images -> Selection -> Open Source (Ctrl+Shift+O).
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Thank you, that already helps me a lot!
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