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Hello, PureRef addict here, can't contemplate working without it anymore.

I just made a quite a large board and I would like to know if two things are possible to optimize it a bit:

-I exported all the images (over 1k) to a folder that gets backed up, does the .pur file "pull" the images from there now?
-I initially had it set to embed the images for backup purposes but have now unchecked that. But loading and saving is till very slow for this board, are the files still embedded?

In other words i would like to switch this board to not embed but load the images from the local folder but i'm not sure if that is the case right now. (I can't find any option to see the file paths)

Thanks in advance!
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They won't be linked after an export. As it is right now the 'embeddedness' of an image will stay the same as the setting you had when you dragged the image into PureRef. Unfortunately, the only way to change this is to create a new scene and drag the exported images into that with the embed images setting off.

Would you like some kind of "convert embedded images to linked" feature as you toggle the setting?

Loading a scene will take about the same amount of time independent of the embeddedness of the images and saving a scene should be as fast except for the first time after you have added embedded images. The largest difference will be the size of the .pur file.
Ah well if the loading and saving time are unaffected then personally i'll just stick with embedding them. Having lost most of the content on my unembedded boards after a drive failure i really appreciate that feature.
And disk space isn't an issue for me.

Thanks for the info!
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