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I use the comand (Alt+Tab) but nothing changes. The window with the pureref which is on above is alway on top. Even when I using mouse to select the another icon window on taskbar.
I have to hit (Win+D) or (Alt+Tab to Desktop) and select the window which I want and it's worked but still incommode.
Sorry for my bad english ^^!
I got this case after installing pureref.
Right click on PureRef -> Mode -> Uncheck "Always On Top"
It is not about the display on top of pureref and the program within(ex:Photoshop,Maya..etc.)
That problem is the other windows which weren't switched.
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We're not completely sure what you mean, do you mean that you expect PureRef to only be on top of a specific application?

If you have enabled the Always On Top mode PureRef will stay on top of all open applications.
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