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I am unable to properly run a silent uninstall of PureRef 1.9.2 on Windows 7.

Passing the /S flag to the uninstall.exe Nullsoft Install System should provide a silent un-install. Passing /SD should conduct silent uninstall accepting defaults. However, using these options does not suppress the message box confirming if I want to remove user preferences. Perhaps some kind of custom message box is being used, not a standard NSIS message box?

Please can you advise how I can go about silencing this message or how I can pass an option via the cli e.g. pass a some variable like DELETEPREFS=True like this:

C:\Program Files\PureRef\uninstall.exe /S /DELETEPREFS=True

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This seems to be a mistake from our side unfortunately, we'll look into improving this for the next version of PureRef.

Thanks for notifying us abut this issue.
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Bumping this topic. Has this been resolved?

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