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I am unable to properly run a silent uninstall of PureRef 1.9.2 on Windows 7.

Passing the /S flag to the uninstall.exe Nullsoft Install System should provide a silent un-install. Passing /SD should conduct silent uninstall accepting defaults. However, using these options does not suppress the message box confirming if I want to remove user preferences. Perhaps some kind of custom message box is being used, not a standard NSIS message box?

Please can you advise how I can go about silencing this message or how I can pass an option via the cli e.g. pass a some variable like DELETEPREFS=True like this:

C:\Program Files\PureRef\uninstall.exe /S /DELETEPREFS=True


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This seems to be a mistake from our side unfortunately, we'll look into improving this for the next version of PureRef.

Thanks for notifying us abut this issue.

Bumping this topic. Has this been resolved?

This should now be resolved with the latest version of PureRef, 1.10.0.
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