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Hi, I use IrfanView to look imgs in fullScreen, so when I like one img as a ref, I use the send to external editor...
Options >> Properties/Settings >> Misc >> Set external editors:
C:\Program Files\PureRef\PureRef.exe
this works fine in Kuadro, but when I try to send it to PureRef, it open each image in a new PureRef window(instance), is there a way (parameter to add perhaps) that could send every image to a single PureRef window(instance)?
I has tried to send filename as first/only parameter
C:\Program Files\PureRef\PureRef.exe "%1"
but it opened PureRef without any file in it.
thanks advanced.

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Unfortunately we don't currently support adding images to an existing scene through command line arguments. We'll see what we can do for future versions of PureRef though!
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