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What the actual hell is going on with memory consumption?
PureRef steadily occupies more and more memory as time goes. I've had this happen with any file. I cannot share these files, unfortunately, but no particular image scene I'm opening seems to be root cause of this.

Here's an example of memory used by a newly loaded .pur file:

And here's the same file after keeping it open for a few days:

Nothing out of ordinary has been done, just dragging around, zooming in and out.

As long as I don't use panning and zooming, memory usage stays the same.

Edit: just left this .pur file open for a day without touching it. Memory usage still went up from 41340k to 81996k.

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Could you give us a little more details about your setup? What version of PureRef and what OS version are you on? And if possible, could you share your settings file? It is located under C:/Users/<username>/AppData/Roaming/PureRef.ini

One thing that could be a bit unintuitive is that if you load images and then delete them they will still be stored in the undo history for a while depending on your settings.

We often run PureRef for long periods of time and can't see the same happening for us, but it definitely sounds strange so we will do our best to look into it!
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Version 1.9.2, Windows 7 x64 (always with the latest updates).
16 Gb RAM, i5-4590 & GTX 960, if hardware matters in this case.

.ini file (Removed recent file paths, rest unchanged): https://www.dropbox.com/s/8gcxlmujaejg110/PureRef.ini?dl=0

Also, I haven't been adding or removing any images in the scene. In my use case I'm simply given reference sheets composed by client and keep them hanging around for browsing, without altering the scene in any way.
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Thank you for the additional details. It seems there is indeed a small memory leak in the auto saving code. We will make sure to fix it for the next version of PureRef!

Thanks for notifying us about this issue.
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