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At least since various previous versions of PureRef (couldn't precise), and until the current Version 1.9.2 (June 10th 2017) the .deb installer messes up the ownership of the following files in the $HOME/.config/ directory:


and ALSO the file:


which ownership becomes root:root, when it should be user:user.

This means, that the PureRef .deb installer is writing files in the $HOME tree as root, without setting ownership back to the user, ...which breaks (at least!) KDE's System Settings -> File Associations configurations (error: mimeapps.list not writable), not to mention several functionalities and configuration capabilities of PureRef itself.

Operating system: Kubuntu 16.04

Expected behaviour: Install the .deb package with 'sudo dpkg -i PureRef-x.y.z_x64.deb' and NO files in the $HOME directory tree should change their ownership to root, staying all of them with the correct ownership (i.e., user) and permissions.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Verify that there are no files with ownership set to root in the $HOME/.config directory, with:

find $HOME/.config/ -user root

... and also check the $HOME/.local/share/ directory with:

find $HOME/.local -user root

both of which should return no results.

2. If any of the above commands return any results, e.g if PureRef has been installed before, then fix that with

sudo chown -R user:user $HOME/.config


sudo chown -R user:user $HOME/.local

...where 'user' is the user name in that account.

3. Run the PureRef .deb installer in this way:

sudo dpkg -i PureRef-1.9.2_x64.deb

(or any other version you are installing, if not 1.9.2)

4. After successful installation, run the following command:

find $HOME/.config/ -user root

which will return:


and run the following command:

find $HOME/.local -user root

which will return:


...which would be wrong, since all files in $HOME/.config/ and $HOME/.local/ directories (amongst others) MUST belong to the user, never to root.

As said earlier, this problem is happening since long time, and I was blaming KDE for this bug. I cannot tell yet, however, whether this is an exclusive problem of the PureRef .deb installer, as I have not verified if other .deb packages of other programs could be causing the same problem, which could potentially point in other directions.

I must add, that the problem is not necessarily a KDE problem, because I have been using the XFCE desktop since a while now and I can reproduce exactly the same bug.

Finally, and again, the workaround to this bug is to run the following commands _immediately_ after having installed a PureRef .deb package:

sudo chown -R user:user $HOME/.config
sudo chown -R user:user $HOME/.local

('user' being your user name)

...which sets the ownership of ALL files in that directory to your user. Verify that all is OK with the aforementioned commands:

find $HOME/.config -user root
find $HOME/.local -user root

which (I repeat myself), should return no results.

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Thank you very much for the detailed report. You are right, we will look into this asap.
Thank you! That's great news.

Thank you for this formidable program. It's my permanent companion when I work with Krita, (or any other art program, for that matter) but I also use it for many other projects, art or not, even just for have a cheatsheet visible on my desktop when I am for example programming.

I keep promoting this software with all my friends, showing how much it can help anyone. Keep the great job!
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