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I'm on macOS with version 1.9.2.

In the settings window, I went to editing keybindings. I bound the Move Window control to the left mouse button. I was prompted to unbind the resize window control from that button. And as a result, I can't use the left mouse button for anything else, including clicking on anything in the settings window, so there's no way for me to reset the controls. This is the same for the PureRef window -- I can't interact with anything through the left mouse button (some functionalities such as Z+left mouse work to zoom, but since I can't select any images I can't do commands like opt+shift+left mouse to flip an image).

My expectation was that if I left-clicked on a button, slider, image, etc. it would have the same functionalities while left clicking and dragging an empty space would let me move the window around (my goal was to make it more convenient for me to use left mouse+right mouse to pan around the scene, since I'm used to holding down the right mouse button first on my Wacom pen before I click and drag, and I would accidentally move the window instead of panning).

Also, is there a way for me to edit my preferences or restore the default keybindings without deleting and redownloading PureRef? Thanks!
There should have been a warning prompt about this case when binding the left mouse button, unfortunately it seems that warning doesn't work as it should. We'll look into fixing that asap!

You can solve this issue in 2 ways without completely reinstalling:
1. You can navigate the buttons in the settings interface using tab and shift+tab. In this way you should be able to switch back the binding.
2. Delete the settings file, on OS X it should be located under /Users/<username>/.config/PureRef.ini

This is how it works currently and we're aware it is not very useful. We're considering ways to make it more useful so thank you very much for your input on the matter!
I must not have gleaned what I should have from the prompt, I was definitely not aware of the consequences. I'm glad I could provide some sort of feedback though, and thanks for the tips on solving it!
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