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(With version 1.7.1) camera settings like the position of the view and the zoom level seem to only be saved if there was some change to the images, otherwise they're not saved.

1) I open a .Ref file (it has some images), I pan around and zoom and then hit Ctrl+S to save.
2) I close PureRef and then reopen it.
3) I press Ctrl+Shift+L to reload the last used scene. The pan and zoom levels are still like they were before step 1.

If the only change I want to make in the scene is about the pan or zoom level, I need to slightly transform some image just so that the save can actually "commit" the new pan and zoom.

If this was fixed in 1.8.0 I apologise.
Thank you!

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This is indeed an issue and it is not fixed in 1.8.0. We will look into getting it fixed for the next version of PureRef.

Thank you for letting us know!
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This issue should be fixed in the latest version of PureRef, 1.9.0.
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"Fix - Allow saving even if no change has happened, to be able to save the current camera position."

This is great. Thank you for your hard work.
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