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So PureRef is amazing! I love it!

I really like that I can make notes. However, sometimes I wish to copy and paste notes. But if I do and I move the original, the copy moves with it, as if they are parented together. This doesn't happen if I move the copy/child. It also doesn't happen for images, just notes. Is there a way to disable this?

Also the kerning is really bad.

Anyway, awesome tool!


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When adding a note, both by Ctrl+N and by pasting, the note will be parented to the current selection. So if you want to copy paste an unparented note you can do that by just deselecting the note you just copied before pasting.

There is a known issue with the kerning when rotating notes which is something we would like to improve in the future, is that what you mean or do you have a different issue?
That's amazing that you can parent items that way! Ingenious!

As for the kerning, it's just all text that is kind of kerned badly. Like the spacing is just very uneven in general, even when it's not rotated. I don't know if it's just the font you guys have picked or if it's the way it's rendered. I mean you can totally read everything, it just ain't pretty.

I want to once again thank you so much for this amazing tool and for the quick response!

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