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One out of fifteen images loading super long for me. Between 40 seconds and 3 minutes for 1 small 1080p image.

And big problem is you can't even cancel it (nothing happens after clicking on X button, just loading images animation keeps going)

Steps to reproduce:
Create new pure file
Link to one of the problematic images.
Either drag image onto PurRef window or click copy image and paste it in PureRef.

I'm using the latest version of Chrome.
Windows 10
What I've tried:
Reinstalling x64 version, running 32 bit portable, resetting PureRef settings.
That problem was in previous PureRef versions as well.

My PC should be ok, 64gb ram, nvme ssd, so I doubt it is just because it's slow.
I'm having the same problem. Reinstalled the software, still slow.
Thanks for the report! We never managed to repro this issue but we have added a some extra error handling in PureRef 2.0 that might help to at least understand what it is that is going wrong. It is available as a beta on the download page now if you want to give it a try.
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