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Thanks to the PureRef team for making this awesome product, which was worth every penny!
Noticing the following issue (using a modern PC with Windows 11) which I'd love to see fixed soon:

Sometimes (but not always) when my PC wakes from sleep, the PureRef window's top left corner stays roughly where it was, but the window has shrunk for some reason. When I move it, it instantly snaps to a different size, but still not the size I had it set to before sleep. I have to manually resize it and pan back to where I was looking. I also notice that I put the computer to sleep when PureRef is in focus, it will not be in focus on wake (for example, when testing just now, this instance of Chrome was on top rather than PureRef, even though PureRef was on top when I put the computer to sleep).

# Steps to Reproduce
- Use PureRef and have it in front of other windows
- Transition to a different virtual desktop (I suspect this is part of what causes it) and use different programs for a while
- Put the computer to sleep
- Wake the computer up again

Note that unfortunately, this behaviour is not consistent and I'm not sure how to reproduce it 100% consistently, but does happen quite frequently (several times a day). Like I mentioned above, it seems to happen more likely when I've been using other programs for a while and not had PureRef in focus, or maybe even if the computer has just been asleep for a longer time. Maybe a memory management thing going on in Windows 11?

# Expected behaviour
- When visiting the virtual desktop that had PureRef open and in front of any other windows, it should be where I left it and still be in front of other windows if that's how I left it.

# Actual behaviour
- PureRef's window size and perhaps scaling applied to the window by the OS have changed, and PureRef is no longer be on top of other windows even if it was before. The scaling issue snaps back to normal when attempting to resize or move the window, but it has to be manually resized to match where it was previously.

I think when this happens it appears to be 1/2 the length, which is interesting because my secondary display is half the resolution of my primary one. I usually have PureRef on the primary display, not the secondary one, so it's weird that Windows appears to be trying to scale it as though it was going on the secondary display.

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Just a bump, has this issue been looked at / addressed? I have to admit it's starting really grate on me to have to resize PureRef + re-centre it on my screen, pretty much every single time I see it. Happy to provide further info if it helps get to a solution. Thank you :)
We've made some changes to the windowing code in PureRef 2.0 which should provide better support for this. Its available as a beta on the download page if you want to give it a try and let us know if it helped.
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