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it's hard to say when this started and under what conditions, but not for the first time i notice that some pictures in some scenes seem to be not fully loaded. and the worst thing is that they seem to stay that way.

here's what i tried to do to restore the pictures
-reopen the scene
-export the pictures
-copy and paste into another scene

in general now i'm afraid that over time, even more pictures will get spoiled with no return :(

i think it has something to do with either the RAM or the auto downscale function.
i found out the reason. i often throw some references from one board to another. but sometimes i need only a cropped fragment of an image, so i crop the pictures i need and export them. but for some reason they are exported in a very low resolution. which i threw into another board
We've fixed some issues with exporting sizes in PureRef 2.0 which is available as a beta on the download page now if you want to give it a try and see if it helps for your issue.
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