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Hello.. i downloaded your app from a proko promotion, i loved it, i can just grab any image and put them together. i was using it until abt a while, i see that all my google profiles are logged out (i only noticed one at first, recovered it, until today i was to use other profiles then i realized what happened). at that day, they said that they block access to my accounts bcs a suspicious app was detected on my device 52 mins ago (which matched the time pureref was available to me to use from a click) when i tried scanning with windows defender nothing turns up, same w other virus scanners. i was able to recover most of my google accounts (and after that thered always be a big red button reminding me they dont trust my computer anymore..."critical security alert, your account might be at risk > device with suspicious app") i lost one account. i heard that people whove encountered this problem w other apps had to reset their passwords everyday since google keeps logging them out, hadnt happened to me but i really dont want that, especially since i have no less than 6 accounts. i know yr app is not dangerous, i just hope that therell be adjustments made so some versions of windows dont detect it as malware.

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