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Not a "bug" per sé, but some subpar behavior.

- Steps to reproduce the error:
Add images to a PureRef file as linked images.
Close PureRef file.
Use Photoshop to scale said images down to 50%.
Open PureRef file and it'll look like this: https://i.imgur.com/JxDUc68.png

- Provide details:
All the images in the PureRef file screenshot linked above have to have their cropping reset in order to get rid of the unwanted blank space.
Once you do, it will look like this: https://i.imgur.com/BNuCEQl.png
Then you can reposition them and put them back into a nice viewable grid and your PureRef file is usable again.

- Expected behavior:
I expect the layout of my images to not change, and not need fixed.
Because resolution doesn't really matter in a PureRef file, what I would like to see happen in this case is for PureRef to try to prevent the image layout from changing by scaling images to compensate. Or at least don't give them a big empty cropbox.
In the case of externally linked images having been scaled down by 50%, if PureRef could remember what area of the canvas those images occupied and maintain that by scaling the images then the image layout would virtually stay the same.

If PureRef only remembers an image's top left corner coordinate and a scale factor, I guess it would instead need to remember the image's size on the canvas. If that makes sense.
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