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Hello all,

I have been using PureRef for some time to view larger reference collections. Thereby it always comes to a high RAM usage where at a certain point the RAM sometimes increases up to tenfold. For me it looks like a bug. I have read something similar here (link: https://www.pureref.com/forum/read.php?5,1810,1810#msg-1810).

My latest test (sorry for the format):

Amount of Picutres | Used Disk space in mb | Ram usage in mb
0 |0 | 33.4
300 |37.5| 729,4
600 | 59,7 | 1423.6
900 | 136,2 | 11633,9
1200 |176,9| 12251,5

300 to 600 images, there is always a doubling of RAM usage and then, for the next 300 images, RAM usage usually grows by 400-1000%. Then with the next 300 it flattens out again and RAM usage grows by just 5%. For me without knowing the backend so not plausible.

I read in another thread that you can set Zoom Quality to Low to save RAM. Yes it saves ram, but the jumps are still there, I end up with about 10 GB instead of 11 GB RAM usage.


PureRef 1.11.1
OS: Windows 11 Pro 22000.348
RAM: 16 GB
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600X 3.60 GHz

Let me know if i can provide any additional informations.

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Using 1.11.1 for Mac I can confirm this is an issue for me as well. When creating/opening large collections all of my 96 gb's of ram will get used and Pureref becomes unusable. The images are al referenced locally rather than saved in the pureref file.

Mac Pro
3.3 12 core cpu
Pro Vega II
96 GB 2933 ram
Thanks for the report! We've put a lot of effort into making this better in PureRef 2.0 that is now available as a beta on the download page if you want to give it a go.

Aside from optimizing we've added a streaming system that offloads loaded image data to disk. There is a new setting called "Performance mode" to control which resource that should be prioritized. You can read more here: https://pureref.com/handbook/2.0/settings/#performance-mode . The "Cache on disk" mode will lower your RAM usage by a huge amount but will use a bit of temporary disk space.
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