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Text blocks randomly instancing each other when moving and deleting one of them
Which version of PureRef are you using? We fixed a very similar issue in 1.10.4, does your issue persist in that version?
The latest version, I guess. It was auto updated. On Windows 10. Just checked. The bug is still present
Sorry for the slow response on this, we've tried to repro it but haven't been able so far. We unfortunately missed the file you shared in the initial post so if you can share it again we'll try to take a look at that one as well.
I have the same problem: certain text notes act like "parents": when I move it, some other notes move too. And when I remove it, the others notes are removed too.
But moving / removing the "child" notes individually doesn't interfere with other notes.

I'm using version 1.11.1

To reproduce:
- make a new scene, add a note.
- copy paste the first note, rename.
- copy paste the second note to make a third note.
Now when you try to move the first note, the two other notes move too (and are deleted if you delete the first note).
Moving note two or three does not move other notes.

Maybe it has to do with copy pasting notes.

Is this bug being treated?

I copy notes to not have to set the same text styles as the original note, but child notes (copies/duplicates) always move when moving the parent note (and are deleted with deleting the parent note). Very frustrating. As a workaround I have to never copy a note, and make it from scratch.

I would like to send you a test file, but I don't see a way to add a file to this forum message. Is there an email that I can send it to?

PureRef 1.11.1 on Mac.

Thank you


Please see this file: https://we.tl/t-3gsfNr1GCm

If deleting the note that says "flyverhat" - the other note called "amsterdam" also disappears.

See this answer: https://www.pureref.com/forum/read.php?4,2879,3069#msg-3069

You can read more about how it works in the handbook: https://pureref.com/handbook/2.0/features/#notes
I hope you will reconsider the default behaviour, since it's not inuitive at all to have a copy of a note turn into a child note.

Please let the default copy behavior be to make a sibling note, not a child note.
Both on the canvas and in the hierarchy view.

And let users use the Hierarchy tool to make child notes if they want to.

(Or at least allow this behavior as a setting in the preferences)


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Thanks for the feedback! You probably understood how it works but just to make sure we're on the same page: Pasting a note does not by default get parented to the copied one, it is a side effect because you have the previous note selected. So if you don't want it to be parented you can just unselect the copied note before pasting.

The workflow is optimized for notes parented to images, where copying and pasting will keep the same parent image, but we agree that there's definitely improvements to be made to the UX in this area.
Thank you for the information, I did not realize that unselecting the original note before pasting had a different effect.
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