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I have Pure Ref on Mac and when I launch it , the program is stitched to the top right corner of the screen. It is not floating and I can't figure out any way to solve the problem.

I am running two monitors and the window it stuck on monitor one with no way of gabbing the window and dragging it to monitor two and resizing it to suit my workspace

Deleted it and re installed but still the same issue when launched

The RED YELLOW and GREEN window controls usually on the top left of an open program are not visible. I am not in full screen mode

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Hi Brendan,

Sorry to hear you're having problems, we'll try to help out as much as we can.

PureRef is a frameless window so the lack of a window header is to be expected. We have chosen this window mode because we want the reference viewing experience to be focused on just the images and nothing else.

Have you tried moving the window with right click drag(CTRL drag with one button mouses)? If you have and it is not working, what OS X version are you on? Resize should work as with any other application.

By floating do you mean you want to activate the always on top mode? It is accessible from the right click menu, have you tried that?
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