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load a 500 MB file takes 10GB in ram
i was working whit 2 PureRef files each more of 500 MB plus the software i use, without any problem.
then i update to the windows version 10.0.17763.503 and the last PureRef version and is when the problem start

More Details
each 500 MB file take 10GB in ram But i con open 4 of this files that should overload my ram. But instead each file reduce his memory consumption by a half

whit 1 file open PureRef run super fast it is so fluid and responsive this is because it have all the images load at the same time

Whit multiple files open is responsive as long as you keep in an small area an if you zoom out no problem state responsive but when you zoom in in a different area start jumping because is loading those images this is what keep memory usage low whit multiple files open

Expected behaviour
PureRef in full res just the section user is looking and keep proxy low res for the other parts so when the user zoom out those are display as long as the new high res are load (similar to what the browser does to open pdf files)
(also check color space)

hop this helps and i appreciate any work around you can give me

Ty awesome software !

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Thank you for reporting this, we will try to reproduce it on our side and see if it is something we can fix. It sounds a bit worrying that it happened after you updated Windows. Do you know what PureRef version you were using before? Also how much memory does PureRef use when you only open one instance of that 500mb save file? It is normal that PureRef uses more memory than the size of the file since the file is compressed on disk but not when it is in memory, but 10GB definitely sounds excessive and if it only happens when you run 2 instances something is probably wrong.

If you have a lot of very high res images in your board you can consider using the setting "Auto downscale large images".
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