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I have a problem with notes. I will add a photo to maybe understand it better. As you can see I named my groups of references. I simply copy paste one verse. When I want to delete/move any of the words they delete or move as a whole. You can see in the picture that there is an arbitrary group with a little bit darker blue outline when verse "text text" is in bright blue (if I delete this one the rest of darker outline words will be deleted also).

PHOTO https://imgur.com/W2u82Np

And my question is how can I ungroup them?

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Although it might seem a bit unintuitive new notes will be parented to the current selection. So if you don't want a new note to be connected to your selection you have to first clear it and then create the note. If you want to un-parent the notes you have you have to recreate them unfortunately. Just copy the text and paste it again without a selection.

We're looking into how to make parent child relations more intuitive in future versions of PureRef.
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