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- Steps to reproduce the error.

Autosave enabled, ref file is opened or saved and is kept opened in PureRef.

- Provide details.

Ref file modification time periodically changes. Also several times I noticed a small icon quickly flashing and disappearing in the middle of PureRef window.

Not sure if I touched anything in the ref project (like clicking an image to select), but certain that it happens in the background while I was drawing in another program.

- Expected behaviour. (What did you expect to happen?)

I expected PureRef to autosave only changes, otherwise stay still and not flash anything out of focus.

A suggestion by the way: optionally show that there are unsaved changes, maybe with outline of the ref area or the whole window, and hide it after save/autosave.
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Thanks for notifying us about this issue. We have also noticed this and have already made a fix that will be available in the next version of PureRef.
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