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hi there


this is a link to a pur ref I was working on

it has a mix of pictures and text
and for some reason is really slow and choppy
the file is only 22mb

I have other pur ref files with 500+mb
and they are very fast

not sure what to do about it

I've made brand new pur files
and copied in the contents of the old file
it's still slow

I've made pur files with only text pasted around
and those are fast

Im only guessing it's some mix between having both that causes this app slowdown?


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The performance of the text rendering in PureRef is unfortunately not great in the current version. This is something we're looking into improving for the next version but until then it is basically the amount of visible characters you have in notes in your scene that will make the difference.

Thanks for bringing this up and providing a good test case, hopefully we can make it better in the future!
cool thanks

maybe if the text was SDF based it would be faster?
The new version 1.10 should have drastic improvements to this. Please give it a go and let us know how it goes!
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