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An issue more than a bug
If you have a laptop with a secondary monitor attached to it, n place PureRef window in the secondary monitor,
then if you take only the laptop without the secondary monitor, n open PureRef it won't appear in the laptop screen (even if you restarted the laptop),
it seems it remember the position it had the last time it was run when there was the secondary monitor attached.
"window -> maximize" make it appear maximize it in the laptop screen, but it doesn't allow to resize it(half size of the screen).
It would be good if default windows hotkeys Win Left/Right/Up/Dn could work to move PureRef window.

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PureRef should move itself into the current desktop area so we'll see if we can reproduce this issues and fix it. Some of the windows hotkeys will work with the next version of PureRef and we'll continue try to add support for all of them.

Thanks for notifying us about this issue!
You're welcome
great program, thanks for sharing

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I downloaded pureref today. I tried it on a MacBook pro and it works just fine. I then tried it on my iMac, which has no way of emulating the right mouse button on the keyboard. what I was trying to do was drag the window (dragging two fingers on the MBP works fine). The iMac has no touch pad so I am puzzled about how to use PureRef on my iMac.

Please advise.

John Bourne
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