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I've been using PureRef no problem and it started crashing all of a sudden.

Rebooting, running as Admin, opening other PureRef file won't work either.

'An unhandled win32 exception ocurred in PureRef.exe [11860]'

Windows7 64bit, 64 GB ram, using V 1.9.2

When I create new file with local image files, it opens fine.
My network drive works fine, though.

Thanks !

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Do you mean that it only happens for one specific image or .pur file? If that is the case is it a file you could share with us so that we can try to reproduce it on our side?
it is *.pur file and all the images are in network folders. Not sure if you can reproduce this. If the files are missing in folders, does PureRef crashes usually ?
PureRef shouldn't crash if it can't find the images so this is something we'll have to look into. We'll let you know if we manage to reproduce and fix it.

Thanks for notifying us about this issue.
I see this same thing happening on OSX. I wanted to test and see what happens when i moved linked images.

I did get a warning popup, which shows for each image. I tested it by moving to 2 linked images. When i openend the ref file i got a warning of these 2 missing links. I pressed okay and i still it still showed the link, as if it poped up for the seconds missing link.

Than after pressing okay for the second time it crashes.

I think a function to be able to relink missing images would nice. You could have 2 functions, 1 is relinking a single image and 2 relink or finding all missing files in a folder. This way you could quick relink a whole list of missing images
Thank you for providing more details about this. We managed to find the cause of the crash and have fixed it for the next version of PureRef. To avoid the crash don't copy&paste linked images inside of PureRef.

The next version of PureRef will also include such a dialog that you're mentioning, for manual relinking of missing images both entire folders and single images :)
Thats really nice!!!

I just made a new post for that, i thought i already had done so. Glad to see you guys are still active with this nice "little" app!!!!
This should now finally be fixed in version 1.10!
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