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Would be awesome to highlight over all the refference images that are in PureRef.

Just how google does it for it's apps (video below):

This is how it could look in PureRef (before & after):

It should not be hard to implement, think of the highlight like a mask and when you use a shortcut (like Crop Selection: Left Mouse Button + C) you highlight over any image (or just the selected image?) and using another shortcut, you erase with a selection to hide a part of a highlight. This way, you could come later and highlight more areas over the same image.

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This would indeed be useful. We will note it down and see what we can do for future versions of PureRef.

Thanks for the suggestion and the detailed description!
Here is a mock-up with different shades (0%, 20%, 50%, 80%):
This will help when you have lots of images for inspiration, you add/import all the images in a PureRef scene and using the -> (right arrow) and the highlight shortcut/feature = You could go through each image (you can do that already using the left/right arrows) and highlight only the important elements from each image.

In the final, after zooming out, you'll end up only with the important parts from each image.
+1, this would be especially useful to narrow down a huge canvas to favored selections. Some more tagging features would be nice as well.
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