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Hi. I do motion graphic and i have huge library of links to awesome videos. Now my pipeline lookts like this: make screenshot of single frame paste into pureref, add Note with link to the video. And as you can see it's not very efficient. Whould be awesome if i will able to paste just link from vimeo/youtube with timecode and pureref would load video, make snapshot of current frame, instert it as clickable image with "play" button wich will load player and play video. Or possible just hover mouse above video will autoreplace image with player and start play untill mouse placed above video...

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Great idea!
it would be nice!
Need this
yes yes pleeease
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This is definitely something we want to implement in future versions of PureRef but we can't promise when that will be.

Thanks for the suggestion!
I'd be up for this. A +1 for me too.
Pure Ref is such a great software, I would gladly pay much more for features like this! so... +1 <3
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