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I'm using Paint Tool SAI 2 (https://www.systemax.jp/en/sai/devdept.html) and it seems that the colorspace don't match with PureRef. So for instance, this image: https://i.imgur.com/daYXAh4.png

If I drop that image to PureRef and colorpick it, it'd read H:36 S:25 V:82
But if I entered that into SAI s's color picker, I'd get a different color. Only if I drop the image into SAI's canvas, and colorpick directly from it, would I be able to get the true color (H:36 S:21 V:82).

I suspect this is because their colorspaces don't match with each other, though I'm not completely sure.

So would we be able to change PureRef colorspace settings in the future? (if this is the problem)

P.S. SAI 2 is completey different than SAI 1, and use a different color system. If you want to test using the free demo, use the one on my link above

EDIT: Sorry, it was just my SAI settings are set incorrectly!

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Glad to hear you found a solution to your issue!
thank you for your solution , I have the same issue .

I prefer using SAI since the lines are much smoother than in Photoshop.

I actually have a XP-Pen Deco 01 ( https://www.xp-pen.com/product/84.html ) 10x6.25 inches drawing tablet and its perfect with SAI .

For SAI I usually us the pen tool for line art and set everything in the advanced section to zero. My hand's pretty steady, so it works for me.
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