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I usually use Pureref as a almost full screen window on a 16:9 monitor (minus the taskbar). It would save me a lot of time if the arrange:optimal command arranged the images to fit the shape of the window (or another arrange option that would do this was added). This option currently arranges the images into a fairly squarish shape for me.

Thank you.

Best Wishes Nick :)

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This is something we're looking into adding for the next version of PureRef, so keep a look out for it!

Thanks for the suggestion!
Great to hear, I think it would be a great feature.

Cheers. :)
Seconded. I made an account here to request this. Nick beat me to it :)
Ditto, I went for PureRef over Kuadro because of power features like auto-arranging the images, but that's not very useful if it leaves 60% of the screen empty.
This should now work in PureRef 1.10+ :)
could this be made optional? cant find it in the options. i added a second monitor to my desk thats in portrait mode. so 9:16 (1080x1920). i am using pureref in fullscreen on that monitor and when i press ctrl p it packs everything selected in a single row 95% of the time. makes packing a bit tedious for me.
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