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An ability to draw notes and highlight certain areas would be very helpful. Choosing different colors for drawing also would be great, in order to organize things and ideas from references. Also this is useful when you are picking references for a team member and need to point which part of the image needs to be referenced to. Also when building a 3d model it will be useful for figuring out the edge flow for the topology before actually modeling it. When building complex models like cars or characters it would be extremely useful to draw the edge flow over the reference objects.

Thank you for your wonderful product! We absolutely love it :)

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This is something we want to implement for future versions of PureRef. We can't promise when that will be though unfortunately.

You can always use the crop and pan in cropping features to remove any undesired parts of images, but we understand that making a paintover would be more helpful of course.

Thanks for the suggestion.
Agreed, still think this would be an awesome feature, even 1 brush/colour would be really useful. Is this something that may still be added?
yes this would be amazing
I use this program all the time, and my only request would be the ability to enter some sort of 'Paint' mode so that everything in the current pure ref file is paused in place, then allows the user to draw on the canvas with a pen tool (which could also include different colors).

I would be very excited if this became a thing!

Even if it is just 1 thickness with a few colors in the beginning.
Still better than having to open PS and ending up with an image I place into pureref that is not modifiable anymore.
Still waiting.
Draw notes would be awesome. no need for fancy pressure sensitivity , choosing size of brush and few colors would be great

A way to work around this is to use windows/mac built in draw function,

for windows, you can press windows key + shift + S to start screen capturing, then finish your drawing and paste it back to Pure Ref Canvas

made an account to make this thread but theres already one here lmao

as the other guys said no need to pressure sensitivity or anything, itd be really useful to be able to scribble notes and arrows.
even if its like a second notes feature where you add the note and can only draw within that box

edit: ignore that last part, a draw layer type thing would be better, where you could just draw over anything and hide/show the layer

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It would be great to be able to make simple shapes like boxes to group areas more easily.
I would love to have this so much!
This feature should be added. First time user.
Created an account just to simply say "here here!".

I'd imagine this is not a trivial task, since the interface is so flexible. A drawing might entail one image, or more than one. How would it work when/if you re-arrange the canvas, for instance?

Until the feature is implemented, on Windows the built-in Snip&Sketch is a very convenient tool - of course, one image at a time (WIN-SHIFT-S) .
yes please :)
That would be great
What I do is use Greenshot, copy the area I want to markup, do annotations in Greenshot and then paste it back to Pureref.
So I wonder if maybe the creators of Pureref might want to do a separate app like Greenshot instead of making pureref more bulky.
Just my 2 cents.
Ohh yeah. A simple and basic pencil tool will be just great!
Yes please, this Could be great, When I use it for scrrengrabs of my own work I could take notes on how to tacle problem or in what orther. This could help a lot in other ways too. Powerfull feature

Yes,Would be powerful tools.
+1 on this. That would be amazing!
+1, I really want this feature to be implemented, this would help a lot!
My 5 Cents.

I personally use PureRef as many others like me, to create something. In my case I'm creating Airports for Flight Simulators and this would be an helluva feature. Let me put you down some examples:

THIS is what we are using now:

THIS is me trying to optimize my Workflow:

Now, what can be seen here? Simple. One "Huge Size" high res image of the said airport, I can use to accurately place reference on a big area, to where I'd Zoom in-Zoom Out depending on the need.
You could barely see the small pics over the terminal right? I Could either and I am the one who placed those! :D
This has downsides, the biggest being the pictures covering the footprint of the Satellite Image buildings, covering parts of what I'd need to calculate exact measures, define radii, sizes and whatever.

Now why drawing would be an awesome feature? There you go:

HERE you can see how with a simple series of lines, the workflow gets streamlined from the top of the chain already. Making the rest of the work less tedious with large amounts of references.

This is MY typical workflow and issue, but I'm sure many others out here would benefit of the Drawing Tools.
As a Sidenote, the ability to lock one picture as a "Always on Bottom" or "Locked as Background" would prevent from misclicking and making the wrong image overlap drawn lines, or other pictures :)

Hope this has been exhaustive enough.



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I would also find this feature helpful.
+1 hope they bring this soon
Give it a rest guys. it's been 6 YEARS! literally the year this was suggested is 2017! they don't even care!
Literally the most viewed suggestion thread in here and they don't even try.

Last update they did was 2020 and that was 3 YEARS ago. and there's barely any social media activity. I'm starting to think nobody works on this app anymore...

I Use Miro instead. at least Miro gives frequent updates and feedbacks. unlike this app. Until the day pureref proves me wrong and actually implements the community suggestions and feedbacks, I'll pass.

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