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Any chance for a quick command to auto-adjust dark images (like video screen caps) on the program itself rather than shifting to a separate image editor like Photoshop first?
This is not something we have planned to add but we will add it to our list of requested features!

Thanks for the suggestion.
Any news on adding this feature?

I would only like to suggest to not do the automatic stuff but instead if possible to implement very basic common controls like contrast, brightness, exposure, etc. Maybe levels, gamma...etc.
Basically, really anything that will allow you to quickly adjust the image in case it is too dark or bright so simple controls are enough, no need to go for Photoshop level of complexity.

Additionally, it would be cool to have something like "reset to default" command to be able to revert back to the original image colors.

The reason we're a bit reserved to add features like this is because we want to focus on displaying references and not become an image editing software since so many other such software do it better. With that said, as you say, it might be beneficial for reference viewing if you could tweak some basic things quickly. We'll definitely keep it as a note in our backlog and consider if there's a place for this feature in future PureRef versions.

Thanks for letting us know it is something you would find useful!
I also have the same needs. Sometimes my reference pictures are too dark. If I use Photoshop adjustment to export again, it will be a bit cumbersome. So I hope pureref can provide some simple image adjustment functions. Thank you for your efforts!
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